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motor without fear.

motor without fear.

Many of us drive our MINI enthralled by its performance, while overlooking the components that keep it running smoothly. One of these is the vehicle requires regular brake fluid flushes to maintain optimum performance of its brakes. Naturally, over time, as a result of extreme pressure, heat and moisture exposure, brake fluid becomes contaminated, impairing braking ability, in addition to potentially damaging the hydraulic components of your braking system. It is recommended that your car's brake system is flushed every 40,000 kilometers to prevent damage and ensure the optimal performance of your brakes.

Signs it's time to come in for a brake fluid flush:  


  • Brake pedal sinks deeper into the car: If you experience your brake pedal travelling further into the footwell, it is likely that there is a leak somewhere in the braking system. 
  • Vehicle pulling to one side during braking: A car pulling to one side during braking is usually caused by its pads not wearing evenly. To rectify the issue, brakes may require adjustments, or the brake fluid may need be drained and refilled.
Brake fluid flush only
Parts & labour included
*Offer valid until January 31st, 2017 on any vehicle make or model. ©2017 MINI Canada Inc. "MINI", the MINI logo, MINI model designations and all other MINI related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and/or trademarks of BMW AG, used under licence. DL10134 #31303
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